Servanthood List 2015

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Being Faithful In Worship
Praying For This Church
Tithing Or Growing To The Tithe
I am not currently a member of Otterbein UMC but would like to become one
I am interested in starting a new ministry
Worship Team
1. Worship Leader: Oversee the Worship area ministries with pastor and Purpose Driven Council. Attend PDL Ministry Council Meetings (1st Tuesday of month) and PDL Discipleship (small group, 3rd Tuesday of month). (2 Leader's Needed)
2. Piano/Keyboard: Play piano or keyboard for 8:30AM Worship
3. Praise Team Instrumentalist: Play with the Praise Team 11:00AM Worship and other events (note: we need depth and breadth-don't hesitate to sign up just because someone else is already playing the same instrument you play; don't hesitate to sign up just because you don't see your instrument on stage - we are flexible for His purpose!
4. Praise Team Vocal: Sing with Praise Team 11:00AM Worship
5. Special Music: Minister in song or instrumental music
6. Sound System: Operate the sound system for worship service Assignment 1 month at a time.
7. Computer Operator: Operate media shout/ power point or any other program needed for worship service Assignment 1 month at a time.
Prayer Team
8. Prayer Chain Coordinator: Create and maintain the email list, take the information to begin the prayer chain
9. Email Prayer Chain: Be a member of Prayer Chain by Email Please enter Email Address.
10. Altar Prayer & Prayer Room: Pray with those who come to the altar or prayer room for prayer during worship
Worship Service
11. Worship Helper: Host worship, lead hymns, prayer, read scripture or share a testimony
12. Ushers: Greet Sunday worshippers, help with offering and other needs during worship
13. Communion Steward: Prepare & clean up for Communion
Hospitality Ministry
1. Coordinator Hospitality Desk/ Valet Services: Schedule members for the Hospitality Desk and Valet Parking
2. Hospitality Desk: Greet all persons as they enter the church on Sunday morning or Special services
3. Valet Service: Assist people in the parking lot who need help by parking and retrieving cars, 8:30AM/11:00AM/Special services. Must be at least 18 years old
4. Sanctuary Greeter - Casually visit with worshippers after they are seated
Visitation Team
5. Team Members: Visit members in hospital, nursing homes and shut-ins Coordinator: Julie Curtis
MemberCare Team
6. Coordinator for Dinners & Social Events: Coordinates Funeral Dinners, Showers (Bridal/Baby) Fellowship Dinners and Social Events by helping or planning the event based on the menu planned, how many in attendance, time, date, place. Coordinate the calling list for food donations if needed. Setting up and decorating of the hall, cooking tasks, serving the food, cleaning up kitchen and hall. Coordinating the organization and cleaning the kitchen twice a year.
7. Funeral Dinner Team: Team member to help with a funeral dinner
8. Fellowship Dinner/Event Team: Team member to help with an event/dinner
9. Shower Team: Team member to help with a Bridal/Baby shower
10. Set Up Team: Set Up Fellowship Hall for events/dinners
11. Clean Up Team: Clean Up Fellowship Hall & Kitchen after an event/dinner
12. Food Donations: Donate food as needed
Helping Hands Team
13. Helping Hands Coordinator: Coordinate the need for meals (after surgery, during illness, after a birth) and/or transportation for medical appointments
14. Meals: Bring a family a meal after surgery, during an illness, after a birth, etc...
15. Transportation: Take people to appointments as needed (must be at least 18 years old)
16. Flowers & Cards Ministry: Send flowers and cards to those hospitalized/funeral. Send cards for special birthdays and anniversaries. Coordinate with Secretary/Pastors
Discipleship Team
1.Discipleship Leader: Oversee Discipleship area ministries with pastor and Purpose Driven Council. Attend PDL Ministry Council meetings (1st Tuesday of month) and PDL Discipleship (small group, 3rd Tuesday of month). 2 Leader's needed.
Sunday School
2. Children Teacher: Teach combined Sunday School, Pre-school-4th Grade
3. Children Helper: Help teacher with children combined S.S. Pre-school-4th Grade
4. Adult Teacher: Lead established class, teach short term, start new class
5. Children's Church Teacher: Lead Children's Church, during 11:00AM worship
6. Children's Church Helper: Help leader during 11:00AM worship
Child Care
7. Toddler Room Coordinator: Schedule toddler workers on a quarterly basis. Keep toddler area safe and maintained.
8.Toddler Worker: Care for toddlers during 8:30AM or 11:00AM Worship
9. Nursery: Maintain the nursery. Check area for supplies and safety issues.
10. Snack Provider: Agrees to provide snacks & drinks for our weekly youth meetings.
11. Youth Helper: Chaperone or drive for special youth events. We need at least 2 adults at all classes and events.
12. Jr Youth Sunday School Teacher: Teach Jr Youth Sunday School Class 5th-8th Grades
13. Youth Sunday School Teacher: Teach Youth Sunday School Class 9th-12th Grades
14. Resource Provider: Willing to provide toys, cabins, homes, etc. for our youth events. EX:canoes, boats, camping gear, sporting equipment, land or cabin for camping.
15. Other: I would love to help the youth by??
Bible Study
16. Lead Short Term Bible Study: Lead a 4/6/8 week class on a book of the Bible or another theme, such as finances, marriage, etc... on Wednesday or Sunday evenings
Staff Parish Relations Committee
1. Team Members: Interested in serving on the Staff Parish Relations Team beginning 2017
Finance Team
2. Team Members: Interested in serving to oversee the finances of the church beginning 2017
3. Team Members: Interested in serving to care for our buildings and grounds, planning and/or repairing as needed beginning 2017. We are still in need of one Trustee for 2016.
Trustee Helpers
4.Grounds-Mowing: 2 week intervals mowing lawn around church and youth house
5. Grounds-Landscaping/Weeding: Keeping our landscape in shape, trim, plant, weed Spring/Summer/Fall
6.Grounds-Snow Removal: Clearing sidewalks and pathways of snow, putting down salt as needed Winter on Sundays by 8:00AM
7. Trustee Servant: Willing to serve for a Trustee Special Project or short term one time need.
Office Help
8. Office Helper: Fold Bulletins
9. Office Helper: Answer telephone, file organize, enter data, check data
10. Sign Ministry: Update church sign on a monthly basis
Mission Team
1. Team Members: Attend and participate in Mission Meetings as scheduled (2nd Monday of every month)
Out Reach
2. Special Projects: Participate with special projects, i.e.: Christmas Angel Tree, Building ramps, etc...
3. Food Collection: Participate in food collection for those in need.
4. Toiletry Bags: Assist in making and distributing as needed.
Love INC of the Brokenstraw Valley
5. LMC Love Ministry Coordinator: Liaison between Love INC Affiliate and church
6. ReStore Volunteer: Participate with the sorting and distributing of clothing
7. Volunteer: Be involved with this outreach team either through one of the Love INC ministries and assist with projects as needed
Puppet Ministry
8. Puppeteers: Participate in plays, weekly practice required/5th grade and up
9. Support Cast Member: Help puppet team with staging, travel, etc...
10. Puppet Prayer Team: Pray for puppet team, performances, etc...
Design, Promotion, Marketing
11. Advertising: Participate in promoting functions for mission projects
Missionary Outreach
12. Missionary Support Team: Meet as needed to help coordinate our missionary relationships and oversee donations to missionaries
13. Short Term Mission: Interested in local, national or international work projects
14. One Day Mission One day mission trip quarterly
15. 2nd Harvest: Participate as a volunteer on 2nd Harvest Food distribution days.