Several years ago the leadership team at the time, from Otterbein traveled to Wesley Woods for a week-end retreat. During this retreat the team spent many long hours discussing the program driven model of the church, as well as talking about how things could be restructured to better fit the changing needs of the church and the community.

During this same time period Pastor Rick Warrens book " The Purpose Driven Life " had become very popular. It was decided that the ministry model used at Saddleback Church would become the foundation for how Otterbein would be structured. This model was key to the renewal of Otterbein for two primary reasons. First, it is based in scripture. Second, it is a fluid enough model to give structure yet flexible enough to be personalized to different church dynamics.

Here at Otterbein we have broken the purpose driven structure
down into the 5 key areas of
Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry and Mission.

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